Metronomy Prepare Remix Album

It's Stateside only, sadly...
Metronomy are set to release new remix compilation 'The English Riviera Unreleased Remixes' in the United States on March 5th.

For Metronomy, 'The English Riviera' marked a great leap forwards. Matching 80s influences with a very modern atmosphere, the album won widespread acclaim and even a nomination for the Mercury Music Prize.

Prime fodder for guest producers, Metronomy have commissioned several remixes since the album was released 12 months ago. Now the band are preparing a new collection, containing the best of these re-workings.

Only available in the States, 'The English Riviera Unreleased Remixes' drops on March 5th. The compilation opens with 'Corinne' being covered by Sergio & Benoit, and along the way collects material from Ewan Pearson, Soul Clap, Clock Opera, Jesse Rose, Leodoris, Wax Cotton and more.

Stream Two Inch Punch's 'Shook Shook Remix' below.

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‘The English Riviera Unreleased Remixes’ is set to be released on March 5th. Tracklisting:

1. Corinne (Benoit & Sergio Cover)
2. Everything Goes My Way (Ewan Pearson Dub)
3. The Look (Two Inch Punch's Shook Shook Refix)
4. Loving Arm (Soul Clap's Shake A Leg Mix)
5. Corinne (Night Angles Remix)
6. The Bay (Clock Opera Remix)
7. The Look (Camo & Krooked Remix)
8. She Wants (C-Berg Remix)
9. Corinne (Leodoris Remix)
10. Everything Goes My Way (Jesse Rose & Duke Dumont Re-Dub)
11. Some Written (NewVillager Remix)
12. Corinne (Mario Basanov Remix)
13. The Bay (Wax Cotton’s Remix)

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