'Lowtalker' due on January 13th
Menace Beach

A host of Leeds luminaries are set to gather forces on the new Menace Beach EP 'Lowtalker'.

Leeds' independent music scene is notoriously close knit. Every knows everyone, and - most likely - everyone has been in a band with everyone at some point or another.

Menace Beach introduced themselves earlier this year with two quick fire singles via French imprint Desire Records and the ever essential Too Pure Singles Club. Heading back into the studio, the group are set to release new EP 'Lowtalker' via Memphis Industries on January 13th.

Somewhat predictably, quite a few of the musicians on show appear in other projects. The line up includes: MJ of Hookworms on lead guitar, Nestor Matthews of Sky Larkin on drums, Robert Lee of Pulled Apart By Horses on guitar and (sometimes) bass, Matt Spalding on bass and, very occasionally, Paul Draper(of Mansun fame) on guitar and back up vocals.

The focal point, though, is on twin vocalists Ryan Needham and Liza Webster. Speaking about the material on 'Lowtalker', Ryan Needham said: "If, lyrically, the first load of songs we did were a document of losing it again, being ill, moving cities, and all that comes with that, then I guess the songs on Lowtalker are about the aftermath of that; getting better, making friends and trying to reconnect mentally and spiritually. I feel like there’s a lot of positivity on there".

Listen to 'Where I Come From' below.

'Lowtalker' is set to be released on January 13th.

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