Stars unite for songwriter's return

Yusuf, the artist remembered by many as Cat Stevens, has recruited an all-star cast for his new album with Sir Paul McCartney and Dolly Parton amongst the big names scheduled to appear.

The famous songwriter found global fame in the 70s with his laidback style of songwriting. Perhaps best known for writing the karaoke classic 'Father And Son' Stevens became a Muslim and eventually turned his back on music renaming himself Yusuf Lateef.

Since then Yusuf has only released sporadic albums of music concerning religious devotion, and this new record will be his first collection of non-religious material in nearly thirty years.

Forthcoming single 'Boots & Sand' will trail the album, and features appearances by McCartney and country singer Dolly Parton. Completing the all-star line up the video was shot by Bob Dylan's son.

Yusuf was recently interviewed by US magazine Billboard, and of the new single he said "it's a slight oddity of a song. The image I had was kind of a cowboy B-movie made in Italy, but the story came from real events, real people."

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