Rapper refuses advertising rights in will

MCA's will prohibits the use of his image or output in commercial advertising, it has been revealed.

The death of Adam Yauch robbed the rap world of one of its most potent voices. A real inspiration to his fans, MCA seemed to stand apart from most of his contemporaries.

Sadly passing away due to cancer earlier this year, MCA left behind him a seminal back catalogue. Stretching beyond music and into film - the rapper was also a noted director - it's a discography which needs to be protected.

Thankfully, MCA had already thought of that. According to DNA Info, the rapper's will states that any image, music and any art he created could not be used for advertising,

The will also states that his entire fortune of $6.4 million should be placed in a trust for his wife, Dechen Yauch, and their 13-year-old daughter.

Of course, the two remaining Beastie Boys could still over-rule his wishes and sell their collective music to advertisers. However, somehow we just can't see that happening...

Here's 'Shake Your Rump'.


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