New album due on February 18th

Mazes are set to release new album 'Ores & Minerals' on February 18th.

Based in Hackney, Mazes' debut album marked the emergence of a band who were keen to carve out their own niche. Continuing to build and move forward, the band kicked off sessions on a follow up earlier this year.

For the lucky few who've heard the results, Mazes next step is seemingly a quantum leap forward for the band. New album 'Ores & Minerals' drops on February 18th, an eccentric, ambitious return that finds the band melding their scuzzy indie rock to primitive electronics. 

By way of a preview, Mazes' Jack Cooper offered the following quote: "We set about trying to make a record that was far more original and broader than the first one... a representation of all the things that inspired us rather than a small portion. We began writing with us in mind...playing to our strengths. 'Bodies' was the first most of the album written to repetitive loops and drones. The demo had an Arthur Russell drum loop because it sounded how Neil drums so I guess that's where we were at. Without saying 'there's always been a dance element to our music', I think we wanted to write songs that people might be able to move to, if the mood was to take them and there's something incredibly satisfying in repetition."

Taken from the album, here's 'Bodies'.

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'Ores & Minerals' is set to be released on February 18th.

1. Bodies
2. Dan Higgs Particle
3. Significant Bullet
4. Ores & Minerals
5. Sucker Punched
6. Delancey Essex
7. Bite
8. Jaki
9. Leominster
10. Skulking 
11. Slice

Photo Credit: Owen Richards


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