Released October 2011

Matthew Herbert has revealed details of the final part of his 'One Trilogy' albums, 'One Pig', documenting the lifecycle of a pig by utilizing sounds of its life from birth to its death and consumption.

The album will be released on 10 October 2011 on Herbert's own Accidental Records label with a full live performance of it planned at London's Royal Opera House in early September, as part of Mike Figgis's Just Tell The Truth festival.

The full track listing for 'One Pig' is:

1. August 2009
2. September
3. October
4. November
5. December
6. January
7. February
8. August 2010
9. May 2011

The album has drawn criticism from the animal rights group PETA, condemning it as making "entertainment" from animal cruelty and there is currently a facebook campaign attempting to prevent the release of the record.

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