Guitarist Prepares Solo Album

Afro-clad Mars Volta string picker Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has announced that his eight solo record 'Old Money' is set to be released digitally today (November 11th).

For more than a decade now Rodriguez-Lopez has thrilled fans with his incredible guitar chops. As a member of the potent post-hardcore group At The Drive In he had a scorched earth policy with regards to live performances, with the band's hugely energetic shows going down in musical folklore.

Now settled in schizo-prog group The Mars Volta, the guitarist has taken time off to prepare his latest side project 'Old Money'. A sustained attack on the mores of the upper classes, with sample track titles including 'How To Bill The Bilderberg Group' - about an annual invitation only gathering of business tycoons.

Much of the music was intended for the Mars Volta, but was rejected after failing to mix successfully with singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala's vocals.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez releases 'Old Money' digitally on November 11th. The album will have a physical release on January 27th. Tracklisting is as follows:

1. "The Power Of Myth"
2. "How To Bill The Bilderberg Group"
3. "Population Council's Wet Dream"
4. "Private Fortunes"
5. "Trilateral Commission As Dinner Guests"
6. "1921"
7. "Family War Funding"
8. "Vipers In The Bosom"
9. "I Like Rockefellers' First Two Albums, But After That..."
10. "Old Money"


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