New release under his own name...

Mark Pritchard have announced plans for new Warp associated EP 'Ghosts'.

Mark Pritchard is a man of many disguises. The past decade has seen the English producer utilise a variety of monikers, including Africa Hi-Tech, Harmonic 313, and Harmonic 33 amongst sundry others.

Discarding those alter egos, the producer revealed earlier this year that he was working on new material which would be released under his birth name.

Now humble, plain old Mark Pritchard has outlined plans for his new 'Ghosts' EP. Set to be released on June 24th via Warp Records, the title track is available to stream online now.

With nods to Footwork as well as classic techno, it's a Future driven return from an always inspirational talent.

Listen to it below.

- - -

'Ghosts' is set to be released on June 24th.

Digital Tracklist:
1. Manabadman feat. Spikey Tee
2. Ghosts
3. Duppies
4. Get Wyld
5. Manabadman (Instrumental)

Vinyl tracklist:
A1 Manabadman feat Spikey Tee
A2 Duppies
B1 Ghosts
B2 Get Wyld


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