Autobiography to get cinema treatment

Legendary singer and 60s icon Marianne Faithfull is to have her 1994 autobiography turned into a movie.

Faithfull is currently on the comeback trail having completed her 22nd studio album. Her career began in the mid 69s when she fell into the gravitational pull of The Rolling Stones.

Managed by Andrew Loog Oldham the singer scored several hits before entering a downward spiral of depression and drug abuse. A mis-carriage was followed by the deaths of several close friends, eventually leaving the one time popstar sleeping rough on the streets.

An incredible story, Clash caught up with the rejuvenated singer for an exclusive interview in this months issue. Click here to read an excerpt!

Now it seems that Faithfull's 1994 autobiography will be turned into a new film. "It won't happen right away but we have found a director who I trust who wants to make a film of the book," she told the BBC.

However the singer added that she would have minimal involvement with the film. "I'm not getting involved. I'll read the script, when it's ready, which isn't for a long time, and then I'll leave it to the director and the actress he chooses,” she said.

"I don't want to have much to do with it. I want to read the script and like the script and then I'm going to let go of it and let them do what they want. That's the way to do it."

Marianne Faithfull has also announced the following tour dates:

20 London Royal Festival Hall

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