Working on two new albums...
Manic Street Preachers

Manic Street Preachers are back in the studio, working on two very distinct new albums.

More than twenty years on from their debut album, Manic Street Preachers are continuing to rage against the dying of the light. 2010's album 'Postcards Of A Young Man' was a re-invigorated return, sparking a lengthy spell on the road from the Welsh group.

Now the band are plotting their next move. The trio are back in the studio, with frontman James Dean Bradfield letting slip that the group are working on two separate studio albums.

One is primarily acoustic, and will see Manic Street Preachers pair up against Cate Le Bon. "We've virtually finished the first, which is acoustic" he told the Daily Star. "There's only one song with electric guitar on the album, but it's not bongos round the campfire. The acoustic album has a soul vibe, with Rolling Stones-style horns. The first single is very positive, but there are darker moments too." 

Seemingly, the acoustic record will also feature Richard Hawley while the second album will be "more aggressive and experimental".

Aggressive and experimental, you say? Time for some 'Holy Bible'...

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