Due to noise complaints...
Night And Day

It's a common story. Live music venues across the country are under threat, with noise regulations placing increased pressure on promoters.

Manchester hot-spot Night And Day is the latest venue to express concerns, with the venue recently being slapped with a Statutory Nuisance Abatement Notice. According to the owners of the venue, Night And Day could be forced to close down if action isn't taken.

Gareth Butterworth, the venue's in-house promoter and booker, spoke to Manchester Evening News and revealed that the complaint was the result of just one complaint from a neighbour.

Owners now face a £20,000 fine - or six months in jail - if they do not comply with the order. Devastated, Butterworth said: "The worst case scenario is that we shut down – bringing an end the employment of everyone who works here, not to mention destroying one of the major hubs for live music in Manchester, for local and international musicians."

"It’s very upsetting. We understand that this resident has lived here for less than a year. We’re an independent business that’s been a staple of the Manchester arts scene for 23 years. We tried to speak to the resident, to explain the nature of our business, and we understand noise can be annoying – but why would you choose to move next door to a live music venue if noise is going to be an issue?" (via NME)

Frank Turner, Tim Burgess and more have joined a social media-led campaign to save the venue. Want to show support? Find the petition HERE.

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