Recorded in their practice room...
Male Bonding

Male Bonding have posted three new demos recorded in their practice space.

Male Bonding are always in motion. Taking time off after an extensive series of live shows last year, it seems that the London trio have been unable to resist the urge to get back into the rehearsal room.

Jamming on a few new ideas, the trio have recorded a handful of new tracks. Deciding to post a few snippets online, Male Bonding have placed three new tracks on their SoundCloud page.

The results are a typically inspiring mesh of snotty noise-rock and melodies that tug at your heart strings. 'That's Your Lot' is straight up punk thrash, like Husker Du mixed with Sham 69's brash London swagger.

'Plans' is a piece of slacker rock which wouldn't have sounded out of plan on debut album 'Endless Now' while the new tracks are rounded off with 'Keep It Shut' - all stop-start rhythms and sharp, angular riffing which recalls those first three Wire albums.

Check out the tracks below.


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