Grab 'Childhood's End' now...

Majical Cloudz has signed to Matador, with new album 'Impersonator' set to be released on May 27th.

Real name Devon Welsh, Majical Cloudz is a product of Montreal's ever creative DIY scene. Debut album 'II' was released via Arbutus / Merok, and demonstrated a songwriter who could inject a real sense of soul into his digital productions.

Managing to make each track seem intensely personal, incredibly intimate, Majical Cloudz is now focussing on his next step. Signing to Matador, new album 'Impersonator' will drop on May 27th and promises to be something quite special.

According to the information we've been given, Majical Cloudz' lyrics will focus on family, death, friendship, love and other juicy titbits with new track 'Childhood's End' online now. Taking its name from an Arthur C Clarke sci-fi novel, this is an ambitious piece of Futuristic soul.

Managing to sound intensely human despite being almost entirely digital, it's cinematic flair really sucks you in.

Listen to it below or download it HERE.

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'Childhood's End' is set to be released on May 27th.


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