With typically outrageous show...

Madonna has wowed Hyde Park at the London leg of her spectacular 'MDNA' tour.

The material girl, the Queen of Pop... Madonna's multi-faceted monikers are often more a disguise than a description. Continually evolving, the singer's latest tour finds her dragging along an album which was perhaps damned with faint praise.

Packed with collaborations and guest spots, 'M.D.N.A.' couldn't win over critics and failed to produce an iconic single. However onstage at Hyde Park last night (July 17th) it was clear that Madonna remains a peerless pop force.

Mixing classic hits with material from her recent album, Madonna wowed the huge audience with a typically spectacular show. Featuring frequent costume changes, the show was split into several lavish set pieces.

'Gang Bang' featured a murder scene, with Madonna playing an aggressive dominatrix figure. Later, the singer invited Buddhists and gospel singers onstage for a lengthy version of 'Like A Prayer'.

During 'Express Yourself' the icon took a pop at Lady Gaga, throwing in a few bars of 'Born This Way' before singing "She's not me, she's not me."

In terms of timing, the show was almost spot on. After Saturday's Springsteen / McCartney debacle, Madonna managed to get her 'M.D.N.A.' concert wrapped up mere minutes before the 10.30pm.

A prompt pop princess? Whatever next...

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