Controversy alert...

Returning Queen of Pop Madonna has revealed that her new album will be named 'M.D.N.A.'

Madonna couldn't exist without controversy. The singer thrives on hitting a raw nerve, with her career littered with frequent explosions of press anger.

Working on her new album, fans have been kept on tender hooks for over 12 months. Dropping by Graham Norton's BBC1 talk show, Madonna was probed about her new album and revealed that it will be called 'M.D.N.A.'

Which stands for Madonna. Obviously.

The potential for a drug pun has not passed by campaigners, who have been quick to slate the singer. Lucy Dawe, a spokesperson for the drug awareness campaign group Cannabis Skunk Sense told The Sun that Madonna's choice of album title was "an ill advised decision".

Not that Madonna is allowing the row to halt her momentum. Speculation links Madonna with a March release date for her new album, while upcoming single 'Gimme All Your Luvin' is an all star collaboration.

Featuring guest appearances from Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. the track leaked online last year. A man was later arrested for the leak, but not before millions of fans had listened to an un-finished mix of the single.

Looking ahead, Madonna's first live show of 2012 could well be her biggest. The singer is due to perform at the Superbowl Half Time show on February 5th, with full details of the performance yet to be announced.

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