'M.D.N.A.' tops mid-week charts

Madonna's new album 'M.D.N.A.' is heading towards number one after topping the mid-week charts.

A true pop icon, Madonna returned to the fray earlier this week. New album 'M.D.N.A.' - we see what you did there! - was released on Monday (March 26th) and looks set to fly straight to the top of the charts.

Large pre-order sales have bolstered the release, and with those all important weekend sales still to come it's doubtful if anyone can overhaul Madonna.

'M.D.N.A.' is currently top of the mid-week charts, with Madonna selling just under 30,000 copies more than her nearest rival. David Guetta sits at number two, while Adele's ever-successful '21' album lingers in third place.

Elsewhere, the Official Chart Company have compiled a list of Madonna's most popular downloads. The list is revealing, with some of her most iconic tracks sitting a lot lower down than you might realise...

Find the list HERE.

Finally, the spat between Madonna and deadmau5 fizzled out during the week. The Canadian producer blasted the pop icon after the she used the phrase 'Molly' during an introduction at Ultra Music Festival.

Seemingly, Madonna was not using drugs slang - she was in fact referencing the Cedric Gervais track 'Have You Seen Molly?'

Sayeth the man himself: "The song is about Molly, she is an amazing girl who has gone M.I.A in a club. Any reference to drugs is obviously wholly incorrect - drug use isn't anything I endorse in any way. I love Madonna as an artist and a friend so her support for the record has blown me away. I also love and respect Deadmau5's contribution to the electronic scene, I just wanted to make a good dance record".

"Molly getting this much attention is totally unexpected. And, if you wanna know more about who Molly really is then check this... http://bit.ly/GWU1yA "

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