About their new collaboration and future plans...
Caspa x Riko

Caspa and Riko are an unlikely pairing on paper but their meeting of minds on new collaborative track 'Mad Man' is a stand out feature on Dub Police's forthcoming 45-track compilation 'Past, Present, Future'. Minimal and stripped back but with bags of dance floor potential, it seems to represent the past brought up to speed. 

With this in mind Clash managed to catch up with them both for a quick Q&A…

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'Mad Man' features on the new compilation - can you tell us a bit about it? How did it come about?

Caspa: The original track was called 'Madness' and we did that in late 2009, maybe early 2010. He got the track and everything sounded okay but I felt it needed something else, it wasn't quite good enough so we left it for a bit. I think he thought it was all done and dusted at the time...

Riko: Yeah I thought it was done to be honest but I didn't hear anything until I got a call a few months ago to say Caspa had used the vocal and re-made the track. It just sounded like a completely new tune, but I was really happy with it.

Caspa: I wanted to take the tune back to basics, no compromises you know? I was looking through a lot of old vocal packs on my computer one day, found Riko's and put it over the intro to what I'd been working on - it sounded sick, like it was always meant to be for that tune. We'd called the old tune 'Madness' so I wanted to work that into the new one and we came up with 'Mad Man'. For me, I love it because I didn't have to think about it too much, I didn't try to do anything other than what I've always done. I think that's why people are into it.

Caspa, was Riko someone you'd always wanted to work with?

Caspa: Gary at Dub Police was linked in with a lot of guys from back in the day and I first asked about Riko a long time ago. The thing is, I didn't wanna just put a tune out for the sake of it, it had to be right - it wasn't good for either of us to do it any other way. The fact that we've got it right now just makes it something to be extra proud of. I want to work with him on more stuff in the future as well..

What can we expect from you both in 2014?

Caspa: To keep putting stuff out that I'm really into. I'm focusing on working with people I respect and want to work on tunes that change the game a bit, you know? Aside from that, ever since I started, I've always just wanted to make music and play it out so if I can carry on doing that then that's - as cheesy as it sounds - still the dream. I have got an album coming out on New State and Dub Police called 'Dubstep Sessions' in January and I want to have my next album finished. We could maybe do something for that, mate?

Riko: Yeah, definitely man.

Caspa: I'm also gonna do a remix album for my LP 'Alpha Omega' which isn't going to be just based around dubstep. There'll be some drum 'n bass and a few garage style mixes too hopefully. There's just a lot going on, basically.

Riko: I've just done the 'Rise Of The Farda' mix CD so there'll be another one of those next year, probably. I recorded a tune with Chase & Status too and that's just come out on their latest album. More of the same really though man, I'm just trying to stay relevant. If you're not doing anything right now, you quickly become forgotten about so it's important to stay busy.

Words: Tomas Fraser

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