As Dot To Dot stint comes to a close...
The Pizza Underground

In one of the year's oddest musical diversions, iconic child star Macaulay Culkin has formed a band.

But not just any old band. The Pizza Underground focus on Velvet Underground covers, replacing certain lyrics with references to pizza.

Clash caught the band in action only last week, and - while the set was extremely short - it was nonetheless genuinely funny, with no small measure of wit and verve.

Sadly, the people of Nottingham don't agree. The Pizza Underground appeared at Dot To Dot at the weekend, and were pelted with beers at the Nottingham instalment.

The Nottingham Post reports that Culkin "stormed off" following the onslaught. Speaking to the crowd, the actor said: "Why are you throwing those? I’d rather drink them!"

Dot To Dot, though, took the step of blaming the crowd: "After barnstorming sets at both Dot To Dot Manchester and Dot To Dot Bristol, it's such a shame that some members of the crowd had to ruin what was set to be an excellent show. A sentiment echoed by the band themselves." The Pizza Underground tweeted:

Check out the Clash review of The Pizza Underground live experience HERE.

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