Featuring a raft of remixes...

M83 will release their new EP 'Reunion' - featuring remixes from Mylo, Sei A and more - on May 7th.

A sprawling, at times inaccessible double album, M83's 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' has enjoyed phenomenal success. Lead single 'Midnight City' has spread far beyond critical confines, becoming the band's calling card during an international tour.

Now M83 are ready to release a follow up. 'Reunion' will be released on May 7th, with the lead track set to be joined by guest remixes from Mylo, Sei A, The Naked And Famous, Polly Scattergood, We Have Band and White Sea.

Scottish producer Mylo remains an enduring presence, seven years after 'Destroy Rock & Roll'. Sei A is an up and coming figure from Glasgow, while We Have Band released their second album earlier this year.

With Polly Scattergood and The Naked And Famous both on hand, the full remix package should cross a number of styles.

Mylo's remix is streaming online, catch it below.

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M83 will release 'Reunion' on May 7th. Tracklisting:

1. Original Version
2. White Sea Mix
3. The Naked And Famous Mix
4. Polly Scattergood Mix
5. Sei A Mix
6. Mylo Mix
7. We Have Band Mix

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