Acclaimed Actress Loses Cancer Battle
Acclaimed actress Lynn Redgrave

Acclaimed actress Lynn Redgrave passed away at her home in New York on Sunday aged just 67, less than a month after her celebrated stage actor brother, Corin. She had been fighting breast cancer for eight years and had undergone a mastectomy and chemotherapy as a result. It’s yet another blow to the Redgrave acting dynasty after niece Natasha (daughter of Vanessa) was killed after a skiing accident just last year.

An actress of warmth and exceptional vigour, her breakout performance as the fresh faced Georgy Girl in 1966 won her an Oscar nomination for what was only her second film. She went on to act in over a hundred projects on both the big and small screen, recently starring in hit American shows Ugly Betty, Law & Order and Desperate Housewives.

She was Oscar nominated for the second time in 1998 for her brilliant role role as the housekeeper in Bill Condons 'Gods & Monsters'. More recently she worked with Condon again in ‘Kinsey’, turning in a notable performance suffused with grace and poise.


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