Rumours surround new project

Grammy winning rapper Lupe Fiasco could be set to turn his back on hip hop, with rumours of a possible post-punk direction with new group Japanese Cartoons.

The Jay-Z protege hinted throughout 2008 that he was tired of rap and wanted to retire. Lupe Fiasco is, however still working on his new album the ominously titled 'LupE.N.D.'.

According to the grapevine, that ever reliable source of scandalous gossip, Lupe Fiasco has been working with the group Japanese Cartoons under the pseudonym Percival Fats. The group make a post-punk clatter, and their singer sounds not unlike Lupe Fiasco - albeit with a heavily forced English accent.

However, a blog on Lupe Fiasco's Myspace denies the claims. "Percival Fats (born Percival Hindenburg-Fats) is NOT Lupe Fiasco (born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco). Although he is a dear friend."

The blog continues: "Lupe does finance the band but is not, I repeat, not, the singer in Japanese Cartoon. He is, however, the producer and we value his participation very much."

Click here to visit the Japanese Popstars myspace page!

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