"Stop hiding behind 'art imitating life' as a way to evade the guilt."
Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco posted a series of Tweets yesterday, blasting the culture of using violent lyrics in hip hop.

Rap has always acted as a barometer, as a gauge for the mood of America. As Chuck D once put it: rap is like CNN for black America. However the impact those lyrics can have on street culture is also worth exploring.

In a series of tweets yesterday (March 24th) Lupe Fiasco are argued that rappers who glorify violence in their lyrics are contributing to a never ending cycle, re-inforcing attitudes at a time when they should be questioning them. (via HipHopDX)

"Violent music (and all violent media) effectively says its 'OK' to be violent. It provides positive reinforcement for negative actions," the rapper argued. "If you rap and make violent music then own up to it. Stop hiding behind 'art imitating life' as a way to evade the guilt."

Looking back at his own career, Lupe Fiasco admits that he has used violent lyrics in the past - but insists that this is not something he can condone. "Ive made violent music. Done violent things. Most my friends are violent. Lived in violent neighbors. Seen violence first hand," he said. "A certain point you start to get tired of it. You ask why? why is it like this? what is causing this? why is this ok to live like this? Then you turn on the news and see that a 12 month old got shot in the face by two teenagers in Georgia for no reason at all."

Finishing, Lupe Fiasco said: "I know you don't hear me. I guess its the LAST desperate act of a desperate man in desperate times. On one...peace..."

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