'Walk On The Wild Side' singer thanks t'ai chi...
Lou Reed

“I am bigger and stronger than ever,” says Lou Reed in a statement released today. 

These words of strength and positivity come surprisingly soon after the Brooklyn-born icon underwent a liver transplant, in Cleveland, only weeks before. This is the first the media has heard from, or about, Reed since his wife, Laurie Anderson, believed that her husband was dying from liver failure.

The former Velvet Underground frontman states on his website that he is “a triumph of modern medicine, physics and chemistry”. He pays tribute to t'ai chi, thanking his master Ren Guang-yi and his "health regimen".

He assures fans that he will continue to write songs in order to “connect with your hearts and spirits and universe”.

The 71-year-old has enjoyed a multitude of hits, including tracks such as 'Perfect Day' and 'Walk On The Wild Side' from his 1972 solo album, 'Transformer'.

Clash wishes Reed the best as he continues his recovery, and hopes to see him on a stage again soon.

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Words: Sarah McRuvie

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