Listen to 'mun Rhul' now...

Scottish producer Loops Haunt is set to release new EP 'Zenith' through Black Acre on December 3rd.

Fusing IDM with a warped, hip hop driven sensibility Loops Haunt has been on our radar for some time now. Releases are sporadic, but when they do arrive the producer tends to rupture our ear drums with ferocious musical progression.

Now the producer has confirmed plans for his next step. New EP 'Zenith' drops on December 3rd, and contains seven tracks which build on Loops Haunt's reputation.

The announcement from Black Acre is typically enthusiastic and well worth repeating in full: "So were heading toward the end of the year. It's been stoopid fresh for us here in the Black Acre hipster reserve and thusly we bid farewell to 2012 with the singularity inducing Loops Haunt. This result of the bio-engineering of IDM and rap-ass beats is just one of SEVEN musical confections featured on the new new ZENITH EP! Good bye cruel world see you on the other side."

Here's a snippet of 'mun Rhul'.

- - -

'Zenith' is set to be released on December 3rd.


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