Scottish producer delivers full length...

Dundee is a curious, out-of-the-way corner of Scotland.

Close to the major cities, it nonetheless remains largely unheralded, largely off the map. For the city's artistic community, though, that just seems to suit them fine with lack of media (over) exposure allowing them to do whatever they feel like.

Loops Haunt hails from close to Dundee, and spent a fair chunk of his life in the city. Blisteringly intense electronics with a bass-heavy, post-Dilla slump, the producer has released a strong of wonderful material on Black Acre.

Well, now a full length album is on the way. 'Exits' will be released on April 7th, with the producer compiling eleven tracks which shuffle from jungle to hip hop and the outer regions of EDM.

Stripped from the album, new cut 'Howl' is now online. Bizarre, entrancing electronic music with a surreal taste for the dancefloor, you can listen to it below:

Loops Haunt is set to release debut album 'Exits' on April 7th. Tracklisting:

1. Exits
2. Trap Door
3. Hollowed
4. Ellum Tonal
5. Run Young
6. Howl
7. Tunneling
9. Hex
10. Fissure
11. Tymadlyb

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