Spaghetti Western meets The Jesus & Mary Chain...
Lola Colt

Lola Colt have posted new instrumental 'Time To Burn' - listen to it now.

Lola Colt arrive steeped in rock mythology. From the rock 'n' roll attitude to the feedback squalls, it's clear that while we've been here before but rarely with such passion, such venom.

Debut single 'I Get high If You Get High' made a huge impression earlier this year, with the Bad Seeds' own Jim Sclavunos taking controls on the follow up.

'Jackson' is fuelled by motorcycle fumes, but the impact of a size ten boot on your jaw. B-side 'Time To Burn' though, is rather different - a languid instrumental, it sounds like the lost results of Ennio Morricone producing The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Songwriter Matt seemed to define this aesthetic during a chat with Clash earlier this year: "a Spaghetti-noir, inner-city western. Or a rhinestone road trip through the desert and the sewers of the mind".

Listen to it now.

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'Jackson' is set to be released on December 3rd. Lola Colt have confirmed the following show:

3 London The Lexington


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