New single emerges...
Local Natives

Local Natives have placed new single 'Heavy Feet' online - listen to it below.

As the old industry aphorism goes, a band have their whole lives to construct their debut album and about six months to cough out a follow up. Local Natives, though, like to do things differently.

The band's debut album was a carefully constructed DIY success story, but upcoming full length 'Hummingbird' is far from rushed. Out on January 28th, it finds Local Natives relaxing into the reputation they have built for themselves.

New single 'Heavy Feet' drops on February 18th, with the track hitting the internet late yesterday - predictably, it's a belter. Listen below.

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Last year Clash spoke to Local Natives about the construction of 'Hummingbird' and their plans for 2013. “Oh man I think 2013 has like three weeks off or something” Taylor Rice joked. “It’s sort of like the endless horizon of touring. Like I said we haven’t toured in so long and we’re just excited to be back at it. It’ll be intense but we’re happy and ready for intense.”

Read the full feature HERE.

'Hummingbird' is set to be released on January 28th.


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