Get remixing, folks...
Local Natives

Local Natives might not strike you as a dance act, but that doesn't mean that the group aren't prone to adopting a few ideas from the electronic community.

Take their recent album 'Hummingbird'. A confident step forwards, for sure, but it's appeal owed much to the inherent percussive experimentation going on in the rhythm section.

With that in mind, a new web-born remix project should bring some intriguing results. Local Natives have placed the stems for 'Hummingbird' online and are encouraging fans to produce their own re-workings.

The band will use SoundCloud to sift through the results, and will post their favourites online. To kick things off, Local Natives opted to re-work 'Ceilings' - listen to it below.

Clash spoke to Local Natives during the studio process behind 'Hummingbird' - check out that feature HERE.

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