New track emerges...

Yuck are streaming their new track 'Chew' ahead of a set at American festival Coachella.

Laden with hooks and crunching riffs, Yuck's debut album perfectly blended a longing for the past with a search for the future. Since its release, the band have toured across the globe while Daniel Blumberg has completed a solo project.

Continually moving forward, the band recently hit the studio. Opting to record something new, one track has already emerged online.

Streaming in their SoundCloud account, 'Chew' follows naturally on from Yuck's debut album. All disgusting, distorted guitars and mellowed out vocals, this might - whisper it - be the most impressive thing the band have yet put their name to.

Yuck introduced 'Chew' with the following hearty message: "Ok, here it is! Listen to our new song 'Chew' right here! Everyone coming to Coachella, memorize the lyrics..."

- - -

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