Yep, they're covering Springsteen
Women's Hour

Women's Hour have uploaded a sparkling re-work of Bruce Springsteen's classic track 'Dancing In The Dark'.

Often cast as a flag waving, stadium hogging kinda guy, Bruce Springsteen's output has depths far beneath that fist pumping vigour.

Take 'Dancing In The Dark'. Sure, it's a highlight of Springsteen's live set - and a perennial karaoke favourite - but it remains a work of subtle emotions, one which contrasts the ageing process with the euphoria of the weekend, the mundanity of the American working class experience with the glamour of Saturday night.

Rising London four piece Women's Hour (former Track of the Day favourites) are obviously fans. Stepping into the studio recently, the dream pop outfit laid down a wonderfully affecting cover of 'Dancing In The Dark'.

A sparse, slow down take on the original it's spearheaded by a really wonderful vocal performance.

Listen to it now.

Women's Hour's new EP 'To The End' is out now.

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