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William Carl Jr

Stateside newcomer William Carl Jr has crafted a deft mix for Clash - listen to it now.

The Atlantic isn't that big - not really. Sure, it might look big, sat there on the map extending from the furthest tip of Ireland to the merest touch of Newfoundland, but in reality? A pond, if that.

William Carl Jr was born and raised in London, but has spent the past three years in Brooklyn. Soaking up new music, the musician recently worked with Holly Miranda.

Deciding to craft something for himself, the producer recently went back into the studio Ski Beatz. Once this project was completed, William Carl Jr then hooked up with none other than Erol Alkan for a fresh collaboration.

Blissful new track 'Over' has created a stir online, with William Carl Jr seeming to emerge with a fully individual sound. Piecing together a new mix, the producer opens up about his influences and throws in a few surprises.

Check out William Carl Jr's official website.

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