Digital single out now

Warren G has paid tribute to his former sparring partner Nate Dogg on his new digital single 'This Is Dedicated To You'.

Overshadowed by some of his illustrious collaborators, Nate Dogg was nonetheless a hugely respected figure in hip hop. Enduring ill health for some time, his death earlier this year brought testimony from some of the biggest figures in the music industry.

Springing to fame during the G-Funk era, Nate Dogg added his vocals to Warren G's seminal track 'Regulate'. Now the rapper has paid tribute to his comrade on the new digital single 'This Is Dedicated To You'.

Warren G brings out some vintage beats before dropping some rhymes about the impact Nate Dogg had on him personally: “A true artist indeed, you made your own lane / All these albums we drop will never be the same / Without your voice on ‘em / I’m thinkin’ that’s the key / Choked up, smoked out, riding to these melodies".

Out now, you can listen to 'This Is Dedicated To You' below...


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