Preview their new EP in its entirety...
Virginia Wing

Think you've got Virginia Wing pegged? Well think again.

The band's early releases on SexBeat and Critical Heights presented an indie pop experiment brimming with potential. With helter-skelter guitar lines and harmonies that toppled over one another, listening to Virginia Wing was almost (but not quite) as much fun as actually being in the line up.

But there's another side to the London outfit. New EP 'Extended Play' finds Virginia Wing expanding into new areas, taking on board fresh influences and introducing subtle changes in the process.

Out on September 16th via Faux Discx, the five track release is a diverse songwriting display. Incorporating some clunky, primitive electronics, 'Feierabend' veers towards sonic bliss, with the guitars almost recalling that fabled Morricone twang.

'Donna's Gift' is a previous free download, and retains its twinkling, infectious charm. 'Rit Rit Rit' is a fusion of techno and indie pop - imagine Carl Craig wearing a cardigan emblazoned with a Pastels badge and you'll be close.

'Common Ground' was previewed online earlier this year, and remains every bit as heartbreaking as the first time you heard it. Closing with 'Convincing Now', Virginia Wing prove that ethereal sounds can remain every bit as challenging as their more dense, out there moments.

Ahead of is release, Clash is able to bring you the exclusive first play of Virginia Wing's new EP 'Extended Play' - listen to it below. (EP pre-order link)

Virginia Wing are set to play a one off launch show in Brighton on September 15th - details here.


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