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Electronic music has always utilised shifts in technology to precipitate artistic leaps.

Yet the past ten years has witnessed enormous changes in the way electronic music is created and distributed.

Bleep has been there every step of the way. The London based retailer was amongst the first to venture online, helping to foster a reputation for supporting new talent in the process.

Turning ten with nary a wrinkle on its face, Bleep is set to host a number of special events this year - oh, and there's a bangin' compilation in the works, too.

'Bleep: 10' emerges on May 5th, containing a plethora of exclusives. Untold's new cut 'That Horn Track' hit the web a few moments ago, after being played in a select batch of high profile remixes throughout the year.

Ferociously experimental, you can listen to it below:

'Bleep: 10' is set to be released on May 5th. Tracklisting:

1) Gas - Die Wand
2) Lone - Lizard King
3) Machinedrum - aeolia
4) Oneohtrix Point Never - Need
5) Modeselektor - I'm not into Twerk, I'm into KrafTwerk
6) Untold - That Horn Track
7) Fuck Buttons - Brainfreeze (Alt mix)
8) Dabrye - Click Clack
9) Autechre - SYptixed
10) Shackleton - Ganda Rising
11) Nosaj Thing - Particles Aligned
12) µ-Ziq - Hedges
13) Byetone - Morning
14) Nathan Fake - Vanish North

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