From Kieren Hebden's eight hour Rinse stint...
Four Tet

Four Tet opened his marathon Rinse show yesterday (October 6th) with an unreleased Burial collaboration.

Kieren Hebden suddenly seems free. Working outwith the standard label structure, the producer recently completed a new album under his Four Tet guise.

'Beautiful Rewind' was released last week, and to celebrate the DJ took charge of the airwaves for a mammoth eight hour stint.

Working with Rinse, Hebden threw open the vaults and dug out some massive exclusives. Fans are still sifting through the eight hour carnage, but we do know for certain that the opening cut in the mix is a previously unreleased collaboration between Four Tet and Burial.

The two are closely linked, previously collaborating on a handful of 12 inches. Currently untitled, this new track is a ghostly salute to UK garage - the crunchy beats may well belong to Kieren Hebden, but the treatment on those vocal samples is sheer Burial.

Listen to it below.

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