The sounds of 2003...
The Heatwave

Dancehall collective The Heatwave have crafted a new mix focussing on the sounds of 2003.

Jamaican music has always struggled to raise its voice in the UK. Largely denied any foothold in the mainstream, it has relied on a small - if intense - network of labels, promoters and sound system collectives to get heard.

For the past ten years, few DJ crews have done as much to spread the dancehall gospel as The Heatwave. Toasting their first decade, the duo popped past 1Xtra to piece together a special one off mix.

Going back to the beginning, The Heatwave focus on the sounds of 2003. Opening with (a pre-fame) Sean Paul, there are plenty of underground riddims, rare re-workings and collaborations on show.

It's a fun mix - everything The Heatwave craft is, really - but what shines through most of all is their dexterity, their ability to pull out the vital energy of each track.

Listen to it now.

The Heatwave are set to play Brixton's Plan B tonight (November 15th).

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