Streaming online in its entirety...
The 1975

The 1975 are streaming their self-titled debut album online in its entirety - listen to it below.

British guitar music has to fight to be heard. Times are tough, with many new groups finding it almost impossible to gain a foothold on the mainstream.

Yet The 1975 haven't just found a foothold, they've been able to kick the door down. The group's ferocious rise has already seen them sell out some landmark London venues, despite only having a few singles under their belt.

Completing work on their debut album, 'The 1975' is out today (September 2nd). It's an immediate listen, one that pleases on its first spin but continues to intrigue, to reveal hidden surprises with each passing day.

Clash reviewer Simon Butcher is a fan, arguing that 'The 1975' is "a great pop record with plenty of depth (a rare thing) that will prove divisive. Some will dismiss this band in one listen (or none) as the next Owl City, but with years of playing together already, plenty of fans, and lots of songs ready to go, The 1975 will be one overnight success that’ll outlive the critics." (Full review HERE)

Now the album is streaming online in its entirety - listen to it below, then leave your verdict in the comments section.

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