Sweet, charming return...

Tennis have moved to Communion Records, with new EP 'Small Sound' set to be released on November 5th in the United States.

Breezing into our lives with two albums of sweet, honeyed indie pop, Tennis have been absent for Too Damn Long. Seemingly busy making the switch between labels, the Denver duo have now signed to Communion Records.

Heading back into the studio, new EP 'Small Sound' will be released next month. Relieved at being allowed out into the open once again, Tennis decided to toast their return by announcing a North American tour - and posting some new music.

'Mean Streets' is anything but - a charming, innocent return from a pairing who specialise in such matters. Easy on the ears, it's gentle, lilting, 60s sound fits easily into their back catalogue.

Truly, it's as if they've never been away...

Tennis are set to release their new EP 'Small Sound' next month.

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