'Boy From School' gets re-worked...
Boy From School

Tears For Fears have posted a cover of Hot Chip's 'Boy From School'.

The sign of great songwriting is the number of cover versions it inspires. The band's first Top 40 hit, Hot Chip's 'Boy From School' almost immediately spawned all manner of remixes and interpretations - some of which were good, and some of which were absolutely terrible.

At the more refined end of the spectrum, Erol Alkan's lengthy, meditative edit remains a continual spin, while Grizzly Bear's Triple J acoustic rendition helped to boost the international profile of both acts.

Now Tears For Fears have stepped in to cover Hot Chip. Opting to tackle 'Boy From School' theirs is a rendition shrouded in ice: sure the melody, the song structure remains, but in place of the original's buoyant house the band etch in their own skeletal, synth pop template.

Listen to it below.

The reasoning behind this cover version? Tears For Fears are back in the studio. "The idea was before we actually had any material, before we got together, that we might try and do a couple of cover versions to sort of kick-start the recording process again," Roland Orzabal told Rolling Stone in a recent interview.

Tears For Fears recently re-issued their debut album 'The Hurting'.

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