Brand new re-work...
Summer Camp

Rising London producer Fyfe has stepped in to remix Summer Camp's new single 'Fresh'.

Draped in cinematic allusion and irony, Summer Camp can give off misleading signals. Sure, they're deeply knowledgeable about pop culture but the duo work best when they play it straight.

'Fresh' is a blissfully melodic return, with Elizabeth Sankey musing about the pleasures and perils of first love. Bittersweet in the way only adolescence can be, the single is one of the first tracks to be lifted from the pair's forthcoming 'Summer Camp' full length.

Fast rising London producer Fyfe has stepped in on remix duties, and delivered something quite intriguing. Stripping away the arrangement, the remix opens with Jeremy 'n' Elizabeth singing a capella before swathes of texture emerges around their voices.

Fyfe pushes hints of half-step under their voices, effortlessly transitioning 'Fresh' away from guitar pop and into the electronic sphere - all while leaving the song itself largely intact.

Listen to it now.

'Fresh' is set to be released on September 2nd - Summer Camp's Elizabeth Sankey took charge of the Clash Singles Round Up this week, catch her thoughts HERE.

Check out Fyfe at the next EASTnotEAST event on September 4th at London venue Birthdays.

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