Animal themed mixtape...
Speedy Ortiz

Clash loves a good mixtape - the more esoteric the theme, the better.

The new album from Speedy Ortiz emerged this summer, with 'Major Arcana' melting speakers across the globe in the process. Out now on Carpark, the band have decided to follow this with a new mixtape which is by turns hilarious and puzzling, infectious and bewildering.

Yep, 'Animal Style' is among us, like a cat among the pigeons. That is to say the release is a frantic scattering of various artists that includes Deerhoof, Krill, The Shaggs, Syd Barrett and Ween.

As Speedy Ortiz describe it, the mix is about "45% dog songs and 55% other animals … gettin loose havin a big party." And no doubt you’ll be dancing and drinking with creatures both domestic and wild thanks to the super fuzzed out 'Pig' by Sparklehorse, the head-bopping 'halfsharkalligatorhalfman' by Dr Octagon, and the soaring 'Fog Dog' by Porches.

So let your dog off the leash, wake up the cat, and open up the birdcage coz it’s time to get down 'Animal Style' with Speedy Ortiz.

'Major Arcana' is out now.

Words: Marc Zanotti
Additional Words: Robin Murray

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