Stark, deeply affecting songcraft...
Sophie Jamieson

When Sophie Jamieson began writing songs, began sketching out her thoughts, what emerged was just like any other aspiring artist.

Absorbing style, formula, cliche, the young singer quickly realised that what counted, what stood out in the long run was her own voice, her own viewpoint.

Driving her material in a stark, deeply affecting direction, Sophie Jamieson has quickly matured into something quite special.

Darkly noir pop music crafted on acoustic guitar, comparisons have been made to Daughter in her ability to make the turmoil of the soul appear hopelessly glamorous.

New single 'Stain' is lyrically bleak, with Sophie Jamieson's vocal performance being unusually direct. Musically, the arrangement is sparse, with the emphasis on space almost as an instrument in itself.

Beguiling, deeply involving songwriting, 'Stain' is out now via Luv Luv Luv.


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