Stripped from their new EP...

Shinies are a case of quiet evolution.

The Manchester had something - an idea, a spark, a twinkle in their eye - from the off, but the past 12 months have found them refining their sound, patiently honing each song.

Now it's time for a new EP. 'Tangle' contains four tracks, four vignettes from their Manchester basement. Hookworms frontman MJ handles production and mixing, with man-of-the-moment Rory Attwell taking care of the mastering process.

Expanding to a four piece, the material on the EP was built up over a series of late night jam sessions. Out on August 12th via Dirty Bingo, Clash have been able to grab a special preview.

'Plasticine' is ferocious from the off, with Shinies adding a J Mascis style love of volume to their weaponry. Slackening off, the verse is tender and sparse with Ric Stringer's voice pushed to the fore - but then the fuzz pedal CLICKS ON and the band roar back into life.

Listen to it now.

'Tangle' is set to be released on August 12th.

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