New single due on October 22nd

Manchester newcomers SHINIES are streaming new track 'Eighteen' ahead of the release of their debut single.

The 90s, it seems are back. A new generation of groups - some of whom are clearly too young to recall the decade in question - are toying with the era's legacy, twisting and turning those sonic impulses into new shapes, fresh ideas.

Some references, though, will always remain a bit naff. For their upcoming release 'Ennui' Manchester band SHINIES decided to employ mullet wearing children's TV presenter Pat Sharp for a bit of added nostalgia. It was a fun waltz down memory lane, but what really impressed was their hazy, summer songcraft.

The new single drops on October 22nd and promises to keep the 90s flame burning. SHINIES are offering a few previews before the release, with flip 'Eighteen' appearing online this afternoon - distorted grunge jams with a pop heart, there's a very British edge which recalls those classic Buzzcocks singles.

Stream it below.

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'Ennui' / 'Eighteen' drops on October 22nd.


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