Drifting, down tempo...

Scuba has posted the third in his monthly After Hours mix series.

A bass heavyweight and the founder of Hot Flush, Scuba is known for producing straight up dancefloor material. However the Berlin based artist has a softer side, one which favours texture over tempo.

Launching his 'After Hours' mix series earlier this year, Paul Rose has dug through the crates for a series of postings which play on ambience and atmosphere. The third instalment went live a few moments ago, and it's a crucial selection.

"Over the last couple of years I've had my most enjoyable moments as a DJ playing long sets early in the morning, after the peak time crush has subsided and people have more space to dance, to get into the music and express themselves" explains Scuba. "You have so much freedom as a DJ in those situations and what I've been trying to do with the After Hours mixes is try to capture the style and selection that goes into that kind of set, some of the stuff that makes it so much fun."

Opening with SDC's 'Petrichor' the mix features a wide range of sounds, producers and tempos. Refusing to simply construct a chill out mix Scuba, captures that lagging, late night / early morning feel perfectly.

Listen to it below. Fancy some more Scuba while you listen? Check out an interview Clash conducted with the producer HERE.

1. SDC - Petrichor
2. David Gtronic - Salto Del Angel (dub mix)
3. Dense & Pika - Mooger Fooger
4. Miguel Lobo & Larry Peters - State Of Mind (Re-UP remix)
5. Pherox - Lovers & Leavers
6. Pedestrian - Hoyle Road
7. Jean Bresan - You Don't Know Me
8. Basic Soul Unit - Things Pass
9. Pele & Shawnecy - you and me
10. Efdemin - There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze remix)
11. Matthew Jonson - Lost Forever In A Happy Crowd
12. Jichael Mackson - Snuff
13. Four Tet - Peace For Earth
14. Dense & Pika - Vomee
15. Nikols Mendonca - Detroit
16. Andre Winter - Green Light
17. Paul Woolford - Untitled
18. Vitor Munhoz - Earrings
19. SCB - Closer
20. Boddika & Joy O - Tricky's Team
21. KH - TEXT022
22. George FitzGerald - I Can Tell (By The Way You Move)

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