Ahead of their UK tour...
Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Scott & Charlene's Wedding have handed new track 'Lesbian Wife' to Clash - listen to it below.

Finding a name is often the last process a band goes through. Often, inspiration can come from a particular place, a phrase or even another song - sometimes, though, it's just a stroke of genius.

Scott & Charlene's Wedding are most definitely in the latter camp. A group of ex-pat Australians stranded in New York, their name reeks of an irreverent fondness towards their place of birth.

Named in honour of an iconic moment on the soap Neighbours, the band's new album is packed to the brim with similar in-jokes, comic asides and barbed comments.

Soon you'll be able to experience the full shambolic power of their live experience on a full British tour, but for now Clash are able to preview a new track. 'Lesbian Wife' is a 21st century love song, with each stabbing note being a slice in the casual misogyny of modern culture.

Listen to it now.

Set to play Glastonbury this weekend, Scott & Charlene's Wedding will also complete the following dates:

30 June: The Garage, London, UK (supporting Mission of Burma) Ticket link

1 July: The Haunt, Brighton, UK (supporting Mission of Burma)
2 July: Lick (in-store), Brighton, UK
2 July: Green Door Store, Brighton, London, UK
3 July: In Store – Rise, Bristol, UK
4 July: Undertone Bar, Cardiff, UK
5 July: Pie & Vinyl Presents, Southsea UK
6 July: The Victoria Dalston, London, UK ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY (Fawn Spots supporting)


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