Rustie has placed new track 'Triadzz' online - listen to it below.

Right from those first releases - spiraling out onto the web from his home in Glasgow - it was clear that Rustie ain't nuttin to fuck wit. Debut album 'Glass Swords' was a stunning work, with the sheer force of imagination at times becoming almost physical.

Well, now he's back and - if anything - more direct, more confident and more visceral than ever. 'Triadzz' / 'Slasherr' is a one off release on Numbers, with 'Slasherr' emerging online last week.

Now 'Triadzz' has followed suit, and in true Rustie fashion it's an absolute banger. Future driven hip hop, this will no doubt get filed up the 'trap' label by bloggers but the reality is that while it draws on the latest Stateside production styles 'Triadzz' is a uniquely untamable beast.

Lumbering, metallic and heavier than a Klondike cargo ship this could well mark the beginning of an important second step for Rustie.

Listen to 'Triadzz' below.

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'Triadzz' / 'Slasherr' is out now. Pre-order the 12 inch HERE.


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