Featuring Kele and MNDR...

Robert Delong has stepped in to remix RAC's recent cut 'Let Go' - listen to it first on Clash.

Forever the bridesmaid, never the bride - yet RAC is now set to emerge in his own right. A prolific collaborator and remix artist, the producer is beginning to make waves under his own name.

Debut EP 'Don't Talk To' drops on October 14th, with the title track already making waves. Already out in the United States, RAC swiftly soared to number two on the electronic charts.

Lead single 'Let Go' features guest production from MNDR while Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke contributes vocals. Gaining heavy radio rotation, Robert Delong has stepped in on remix duties.

Adding a crisp house flavour to the track, there's a buoyancy, a spring to the rhythm which belies the seasons' turning. Switch this on, forget that it's Autumn - for RAC, it's forever summer.

Listen to it now.

'Don't Talk To' is set to be released on October 14th. RAC has confirmed the following shows:

3 London White Heat (DJ set)
4 London Birthdays

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