Evil sounding rock 'n' roll...

A sweeping generalisation, but one that must be made: guitar music has lost its edge.

Everyone seems so polite, so happy just to be here - content to simply exist, rather than say something which might kick back against against the norm, push against the pricks. No one seems to have told Polterghost, though.

A London based trio, early signs are that their deliciously evil rock 'n' roll can match the primordial sludge of Black Sabbath with the teenage tearaway thrills of prime era garage rock.

A potent package. However the three piece are much more than the sum of their parts - Polterghost have a deliciously evil sound, one which comes draped in black and whispering incantations.

Signed to - where else? - Hate Hate Hate Records, debut single 'Beast' will be released on September 9th. Available on a limited seven inch vinyl pressing, it also boasts 'Ordinary' on the flip.

Already hooked, Clash are pleased to be able to bring you the stream of 'Beast' before anyone else.

Listen to it now...

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