New single emerges...
I Want What's Best

Outfit have placed new single 'I Want What's Best' online - check it out now.

Essentially formed in a Liverpool squat, Outfit have always had a communal atmosphere. There's that name for a start - referring not to one garment, but to an entire outfit.

There's also the music. Outfit seem to thrive when moving together, the sublimation of the self for the benefit of the group. It all lends their music a certain calm...

A calm which is most evident on new single 'I Want What's Best'. Set to be released through Double Denim, there's a sweet, psychedelic feel to those vocals which is paired with cool, collected electronics.

It's a curious mixture, one that seems to dwell inwardly on its own moods, its own whims. Oh, and you can listen to it below.

Outfit are set to release their debut album 'Performance' on August 11th.

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